Top benefits of arts in our society

Art can often be correlated with feelings of un-seriousness or laziness, which upon due consideration is almost always wrong. In our society today, we place such high premiums on fields such as finance, engineering, and medicine. That the sheer thought of our children or loved ones opting for the arts makes us believe. They are headed for mediocrity.  It has gotten so extreme that some school boards have considered eliminating arts from the curriculum, which should never be.

Arts can be defined as the conscious utilization of creative skill and imagination to create goods of aesthetic worth. Art is also a form of expressing one’s inner feelings and emotions. It is not just the product created by the way through which the product is created.

Arts induces thoughtful sentiments

Whether it appears in the form of a movie, a musical, a recital or even a dining experience. Arts is undoubtedly one of the major ways individual become happy. Asides the face value these art forms offer such as a melodious rhythm or a tasty dish. They often incorporate some messages of thoughtfulness e.g. They can induce a thought about a loved one, adoration for the life we lead or even political aggravation against the existence inequality or injustice. To the trained mind, there is always more to arts than meets the eye.

Art helps human communication 

Whether it is a first-hand story of experiencing slave trade in West Africa, or a tale about the discovery of the New-Found-Land or even a tale describing the success story of global brands such as Coca-Cola, art aid human communication. From enormous architectural edifice to intricately designed tapestry to beautifully mastered calligraphy, art serves to tell stories in the most emotionally appealing way.

Art attempts to bring order to chaos

Every day we hear complaints of things going out of our control, of nature retribution of vast uncontrollable situations such as the inimical Hurricane Katrina. On the contrast, art seeks to bring together different components of out seemingly chaotic world and aggregate them into amazing masterpieces that are entirely original in their existence. Whether they serve to spread awareness of a societal cause or they seek to entertain or even to induce ethnic corporation, art seeks to bring order to chaos.

Art helps us preserve experiences

One of the primary revelations most humans share is the fact that our existence is transient. Therefore, we seek to constantly make the most of every second we have and while doing so we relish the most favorable experiences. Art helps us cherish and preserve such experiences, emotions, and memories. Art forms such as poetry, musicals, pictures, drawings or paintings are particularly effective in achieving these intended benefits.

In general, it is evident that although art has been and is evolving in line with technological trends. Art is development, its role can never be over-emphasized in our society. Art is not a plague to be endured but instead, it is a gift that should be nurtured and cherished.

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